Ovifat - Waimes Hautes Fagnes - photo 18
Ovifat - Waimes Hautes Fagnes - photo 19


Famous for its alpine ski slope, the highest village of the commune (600 m) dominates the Warche and Bayehon valleys (waterfall), privileged places for walks or mountain bike rides.

To see: Reinhardstein Castle (guided tours: +32 (0)80/44 68 68 - www.reinhardstein.net), but also the old stone buildings protected by the "avrûles" (high beech hedges).

Its inhabitants are called "baras" (rams), which supports the hypothesis that Ovifa(t) means "sheep country", as opposed to Bosfagne (ox country), the name of a district of Sourbrodt, whose inhabitants are called "boûs".


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